Simulator Based Training


Simulators form an intrinsic part in the conduct of maritime training in present day environment as these provide a viable and realistic alternative to real life training. Global Technology today has made simulators, complex and also cost intensive. It is thus essential to identify a simulator that best suits the training requirements based on the customer prerequisites. Dahra Global, with the leverage of experienced professionals, can provide consultancy services and also assist in evaluating and selecting suitable simulators with appropriate certification, which would deliver cost effective and credible maritime training solutions. 

Our USP includes setting up, operationalising and maintaining simulators at client’s premises. We at Dahra Global make extensive use of simulators to impart training so as to provide a holistic training environment.  Some of the simulators that have been set up by our team for our clients include:-

Ship Handling Simulator​

Used for Bridge Team Work, OOW Duties, Manoeuvering and Ship Handling

ARPA Simulator

Used for training on the use of radar and ARPA, including bridge teamwork

ECDIS Simulator

Utilised to provide knowledge, skill and understanding of ECDIS and electronic charts to the extent needed to safely navigate vessels

Communication Simulator

Training to meet the relevant regulations of the STCW Code and the 2012 Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union

Gunnery Simulator

To train personnel on operational concepts of anti-surface and anti-air warfare

Sonar Simulator

Utilised for training on anti-submarine warfare operational training.

War-Gaming Simulator​

War-Gaming Simulator is all-encompassing simulator for practicing tactical and strategic concepts through wargaming

ROR Simulator

ROR Trainer has CBTS uploaded on four consoles which are available for the trainees to do self-learning. There is also a model of ship and an ROR Board which can be used to teach the ROR