Maritime Training

Naval CBT maritime training solution is just one of the key strengths of Dahra Global.  Customers are our focus, through naval CBT solution, we exist in the sole purpose of helping our client find the best solution when it comes to learning aids.  We are proactive, we assist our clients in assessing their technology needs and then we create and implement a complete plan so the training will be successful.

We are committed to provide responsive service and innovative design backed by state-of-the-art maritime equipment, naval personnel and continued focus on meeting our customer’s needs.

Through our solutions, we help businesses:

-> Achieve regulatory compliance
-> Improve telecommunications costs
-> Decrease equipment, utilities and overhead costs
-> Increase bandwidth, intelligence and security with fewer devices

  • Wireless
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Email Archiving & Switching
  • Turnkey Projects for
    • Data Centers
    • Operation Rooms
    • Data Walls
  • Total IT integration
  • Engineering services
  • Network cabling infrastructure
  • Network design implementation
  • Firewalls
  • Disaster Recovery
  • VOIP
  • Remote Backup Solutions
  • Information network security
  • Onsite Engineering / Networking services
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Training Management Systems (TMS)
  • Naval CBTs/e-Learning Solutions

Naval CBT

Dahra Global’s Naval CBT is standardized and consistent. In traditional maritime training programs, the same courses are often delivered differently to various learners as instructors can be inconsistent or simply change regularly.

Our Naval CBT programs delivers the training in the exact same manner. The training consists of the same content, complete with the same preliminary tests, self-check questions, and post-lesson quizzes. As a result, all students interact with the same learning material and progress simultaneously, even if they have to go back and retake a training.

Naval CBT is cost-effective, flexible and efficient. Developing custom Naval CBT software to deliver training programs can seem quite costly at first glance. However, tailor-made Naval CBT maritime training programs can prove extremely efficient and gradually reduce training overhead.

Naval CBT allows learners to complete their training at their own pace, optimize their learning schedule and focus on their specific skill gaps. As they proceed on their learning path, they receive valuable feedback to correct or motivate them.

Teaching Methods


Reinforce core concepts and new skills with built-in quiz questions, and simulated certification exams.


Watch on-demand training from SME’s with focused, engaging videos available anytime.


Define your goals and stick to a training plan with help from our Accountability Coaches